About Us


We have a strong, vibrant, advertising force pounding the pavement (and snow/ice in the winter!) year-round. Our team is easily distinguishable by our famous, large, eye-catching, 'blue shield' logo. This logo will be proudly displayed on any single or combination of the following advertising team attire: toque, jacket, polo Shirt or hoodie. As well, each area manager will be wearing a name badge featuring a clear photograph of him or her as well as their name. Anything contrary to this wholesome image should be viewed with scepticism or suspicion and we would urge you to contact us immediately to verify the individual is indeed with us at: 1-855-424-2324

Extraordinary Customer Service

Country Guard security was founded with a simple truth and principle in mind. We strongly affirm that those who live in the country deserve the same level of convenience, protection and security that has been offered to those living in the city. Further, as indicated by Statistics Canada, country properties are now in need of viable security solutions more than ever before. In Alberta specifically, country properties are being targeted more often and with heavier break-ins, as the energy sector in Alberta suffered a spiralling downturn in 2014 and has still yet to recover. The consequence is a large number of young men previously making 6-figures a year are now out of work, drowning in debt, and are unfortunately desperate to make ends meet. This is speculated to be fuelling the spike in crime Rural Alberta has been experiencing. We at Country Guard are here to make sure YOU don't become a statistic.

Not only are we serious about security, we are serious about convenience. All of our country-specific equipment is user friendly, free of false alarms via 2-way voice confirmation, and is designed to all work effortlessly via the smartphone or other smart device you most likely have within arms reach of you right now. As long as you have access to your smartphone or other internet-enabled device, you'll have total access and control over your property. 24/7. 365 days a year. And from anywhere in the world. Our loyal customers agree it just makes sense to stay connected to your #1 asset, your home, whenever you can't be there.


Country Guard security has hand-picked and forged strong relationships with the following companies - each renowned for being the leader in their respective industry - in order to pass the benefits of these relationships along to you, our loyal customers, to provide you with the very best security products and monitoring service available to the market in Canada at this present time. We are partnered with DSC and Interlogix the top brand names in Security products for all monitored aspects of the home ranging from burglary/intrusion (doors, windows, motion) to fires (specifically designed to also help detect electrical fires that are still INSIDE the wall), floods (sump, sewer, etc.), medical emergencies (chance events, vulnerable persons & special needs) and cold temperatures.

We coupled this high end equipment with the most awarded and #1 rated 24/7/365 monitoring service in North America, API; a natural marriage. Having these high end sensors paired with the most celebrated and awarded monitoring company, equals a fast, efficient, accurate security system with blistering fast response time and a multi-award winning customer service team with fully trained paramedics at the other end to verify emergencies and can even guide your family through a crisis if need be!

Finally, we are well aware that SURVEILLANCE is fast-becoming the hottest item in security equipment for those residing in the country. As such, we cut no corners and partnered ourselves with another world leader - this time in Surveillance - HIKVISION. HIKVISION is an esteemed worldwide Surveillance equipment provider and is the #1 go-to provider for most major hotels, airports and casinos. These kinds of establishments naturally take no short-cuts in terms of their security surveillance and neither does Country Guard. with the very same equipment we provide to our legion of loyal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Our sales and support office is open from 10:00AM-5:00PM (MST) Monday-Friday. 1-855-424-2324

For inquiries or technical support outside of regular business hours, please email: admin@countryguard.ca

Your central monitoring station, API, is open 24/7/365 to keep your family, loved ones and property safe and secure at all times.

Where are you located?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My system is having issues, what can I do?

Please call between 10am and 5pm Monday through Friday MST. at 1-855-424-2324, or email us at admin@countryguard.ca

What happens if I move? Will you help?

Yes! We offer removal, transport and re-installation services to all of our customers. The cost may vary but it is typically $199 to move a system to your new location if it's within the first year as long as you are in one of our service areas; and after one year the fee will be waived. We only request that you provide us 14 days notice so we can coordinate your new installation.

What if the new home-owners want to keep the system?

The new home-owner may take over your account with your permission.

May I cancel my agreement?

Absolutely. You may cancel your agreement at any time - for any reason - as long as it's within the first 10 days of initially signing your agreement.

Does the system come with a warranty?

Of course. All systems come with a 90 day warranty period and will cover all of the equipment our company provides to your home. After 90 days we have you covered with no charges for parts or labour; however, trip charges may apply.

Will I receive a discount on my home-owners insurance using your system?

Yes. This can range anywhere from 5% on the low end all the way up to 30% with the average discount being 10% from most major companies.

Will Country Guard charge me any fees in the future or will my monthly rate increase?

Never. Your service is price protected during the length of your term and may even drop during your plan, according to your agreement.

Someone knocked on my door, does Country Guard have any security consultants in our area?

Please refer to the 'Verify your Rep' section.

Do I need a permit for my alarm system?

Some cities do require you to register your alarm system and some do not. Registration fees and requirement vary from place to place. Please visit your local municipal website or our Permits page for more information.