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Qualify up to $2,000 Of Government Refund

The Program Works in TWO Easy Steps:

Step 1. Our Customer Friendly Consultant Will Help You Determine Whether Your Farm Is Eligible For The Program

Step 2. We Welp You Complete And Submit The Application Form With All The Supporting Documents

Take Advantage Of Limited Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) Farm and Technology Program

We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce some new peace of mind into your life in these increasingly *concerning* times.

We take great pride not only in providing you with the best technology which is available specifically to rural communities, farms, acreages, commercial security, and calving monitoring cameras, but also in the outstanding service and support which is synonymous with “Country Guard Security”.

While we hope you never have to use any of your equipment for the wrong reasons, we want to make this an easy and even exciting experience for you and are there to make sure you understand how your new system works, and be comfortable using all of its many features and abilities.

Did you know…?

Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP) Farm Technology Program supports the adoption of innovative technology that optimizes farm efficiency, and encourages the adoption of best practices in Farm Security.

The limited program-funding offers up to $2,000 Refund for Farm Security and Remote Monitoring Cameras.

Eligible Expenses:

  • GPS Equipment Tracker
  • Remote Monitoring Cameras
  • Remote Fuel Tank Monitors
  • Wireless Base Stations (Gateways)
  • Motion Detectors/Driveway Alert Systems
  • Door Sensors

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