Advanced, fully customized Security Solutions for Every Rural Property and Budget


Every Country Guard Solution comes with high-tech, user-friendly, false alarm eliminating equipment including such crucial features as: 2-way voice (think: OnStar inside your house) and triangular GSM technology allowing full access and communication to all cellular towers (Rogers, Bell, Telus) which provides an infinitely more secure, 24/7 connection to your monitoring station as well as does away with the previous requirement of having a landline to connect your system to the monitoring station. Coupled with personalized protection and features to bring full peace of mind to every family and designed to meet and address each property’s specific needs and vulnerabilities. The full range of protection available is able to get you covered for everything from: Fires (including electrical fires INSIDE the wall; undetectable by regular ionic smoke detectors!), Flooding, Extreme Temperatures,Carbon Monoxide leaks, Burglary/Intrusion, Medical Emergencies, and right up to multiple outdoor CCTV camera setups including full HD vision (just like your HDTV) and IR Night Vision! Every property is as unique and different as the family residing in it — and our custom-tailored security solutions will ensure that you and your property are going to get exactly the coverage YOU need and none of the coverage you don’t! That’s Country Safe Security’s PROMISE to you!

State of the art home monitoring

Country Guard provides the perfect synergy between cutting-edge security technology and simplistic convenience. Whilst enjoying 24-hour protection, you'll conveniently be connected to your property from anywhere in the world, at any time you wish, via your smart device or alternative internet connection. Don't worry about second-guessing yourself ever again because you can now view your property live, arm and disarm your alarm right from your smart device, and can receive notifications via text (SMS) or email when the system is armed/disarmed from anywhere in the world!

Our Products

DSC Neo power series

The Neo series is the ultimate security solution for larger properties with a larger ground to cover, farms and most large businesses. With an open field range of 2000 ft (10 x longer than other manufacturers) and industry leading reliability its hands down the best equipment for properties with metal shops and multiple structures on 1 yard.

Interlogix Simon XT / XTI5

‘Our Interlogix line is the perfect solution for most of your average size home and small business out there. Wireless technology up to 200 ft and solid reliability make this workhorse security product a great option for anyone looking to get it done without having to spend an arm and a leg to secure their home and loved ones.

Qolsys IQ2 panel

The Mercedes Benz of alarm systems. This is the choice for either a high end home or people with an aesthetic eye. Utilizing the long range power series and also capable of covering those long distance multiple structure properties. It is truly a level above the rest

Fire protection

Unlike a standard ionic smoke detector, our dual smoke and heat photoelectric detector is much more accurate in sensing a real fire, giving your loved ones more time to vacate the premises. Additionally, the device is equipped with a low temperature sensor in the event of furnace malfunction.

H20 Resistant Pendant

The medical pendant provides you with the means to live your life independently, while still being prepared to deal with life’s emergencies. This product has been likened to the Life-Alert product because it is entirely wireless, and allows you to simply press a button to alert emergency personnel when they are needed as well as giving you live access to a paramedic.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

This CO detector is always armed and provides early warning using electrosensing technology, which measures hazardous levels of carbon monoxide in the air before they become a problem.

Low temp monitoring

If your home’s temperature drop below freezing temperatures you may be risking substantial and expensive will be notified about the potential hazards to your home. In this situation timing is of the essence. Our low temp monitoring service will notify you when the risk initially arises.

All-Weather Door Sensor

For use in buildings in which the radiant temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius.

Flood Detector

When water touches the water sensing probes you will be notified immediately, saving you thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Door and Window Sensor

These wireless door or window sensors respond within 5 milliseconds when the magnetic contacts within them separate more than 1 inch.

Motion and Infrared Detector

These high-performance, wireless motion and infrared sensors are able to detect infrared within the sensor’s field of vision. Movement of pets under 80lbs should not trip the sensor.

Glass Break Detector

Senses the sound, shock-waves and frequency of breaking glass. The device will go off immediately when glass is broken, before an intruder ever enters the home.

Key Ring Remote

Perfect for customers who have their security panel deeper in their home, as it gives one the ability to disarm the system from 100 feet away