Cow Cameras & Calving Cameras

Calving and foaling season are a busy time for farmers. For a long time farmers have spent anxious nights waiting and sleeping in barns waiting for new arrivals. However, video surveillance cameras and cow cameras are helping to make monitoring pregnant animals much easier.

Since complications during birthing can happen suddenly and result in the deaths of the mother and/or the calf/foal, farmers must closely monitor animals when they are near to giving birth.

In fact, the USDA found that nearly 18 percent of all non-predator deaths for calves was a result of calving-related problems.

A cow can be worth several thousands of dollars and can be a big loss if there are birth complications with the calf, the cow or both,” Valyear explained. “Horses are a whole other ball game. We had one client that has a new colt he sold for CAD$250,000. You can imagine the loss there.”

With cameras able to keep an eye out 24/7, video surveillance allows farmers to watch animals from a distance, also allowing them to act faster in the event something happens. For example, during the calving season you can save calves and cows in time if difficult deliveries occur.

The ability to monitor livestock anytime, anywhere right at the palm of your hand is another great reason to invest in a good livestock monitoring camera system.

We boast a variety of cow cameras and livestock cameras to fit every budget.


outside calving ptz cameras

Base Model Outside Calving PTZ

With up to 400ft of zoom and nightvision, this camera is more than enough for the majority of small to medium size farms.

Mid Level Outside Calving PTZ

With enhanced night vision and zoom capabilities, this camera is recommended for the medium to large size farms or for those who simply want a higher level of viewing experience.

Top Level Outside Calving PTZ

The absolute gold standard for calving cameras. With up to 1,500 ft of zoom and night vision, this camera is as good as it gets. For the industrial farm or premier user.


Barn Shed Cameras

Fixed Barn Camera

Perfect for small barns and shelter areas, durable long lasting camera with
internal defogger.

Barn Mini PTZ

Specifically designed to look after livestock in an indoor setting, you have absolute control and the ability to monitor small to large areas and zoom into smaller details.

PTZ Joystick

By far The easiest and most convenient way to control your PTZ cameras directly, without any interference or delay.

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